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*Name: Dark Cat (Dinciis is his real name)

*Nickname: Vampire Lynx-Cat, Poison Cat Lynx Boy (called by Nicole and Episo) and Saber Tooth Khajiit

*Age: 29 (has the appearance of a 18 year old)

*D.O.B: Riji's hurt (Khajiit Camp)

*Colors of eyes: Gold Yellow with his cat - like pupil

*Species: Mobian/Lynx (Khajiit)

* Colour of fur: Cocoa Brown with Black Spots all over his boby and tail.

* Outfit description: Black suit with red warrior boots on his feet.

* Height/Weight: unknown.

*Personality: Is very nicest, quiet, lightest and strongest of all Khajiit family, he's smart, skilled and he's really helpful when it comes to his mother and his girlfriend Nicole and rest of the freedom fighters as well.

*Abilities: his got has blade swords and he also uses his attack called Shadow Claw, bite someone's necks (like a cat) and also he can suck someone's blood like a Vampire and turn everyone turn into dust with poison and fast speed like a cheatah.

*Likes: drawing pictures, spending and hang out with Nicole, eat animal's prey & training for fighting with Nicole.

*Dis-Likes: Trolls (when everyone starts to hate him much like Nicole did in the comics)

*Weaknesses: potato snacks and lost his teeth.

*Profile: he was a very last member of all Khajjit Family, he was born in the Khajiit Camp called Roi's hurt (such was later got destroy by the Overlanders right after Dark and his parents leave the camp) his mother was a Canadian Khajjit with her greek origin where his father was a German born British he was born with his Diamond of blood thanks to shadow group called Nosferatu Shadows built it, (when he was young) he keeps transfromed most of the time, his father named Wolfern Weyl and his mother Elizabeth had no choice but to move the city called Old Mobotrpolis because it's much more safer than Roi's Hurt, then Overlanders and Khajjits are againist each other the war was called Khajiit War such is right before the Great War, 2 years later after Dark and his parents leaving and ran away from the Overlanders, Wolfern become a Soilder of King Max and Elizabeth become a nurse working with Doctor Quack not only she looks after Dark's danger but also she healing Mobians for their injured.

however duning Dr. Ivo Robotink conquered Old Mobotrpolis his father got killed by the Swatbots and Dark and his mother have move out to Village called Khonhole along with Sonic, Tails, Nicole, Sally, Rotor, Antione & Rosie, 18 years later at Dark's hut, Dark was tidying up his bedroom and he find out his father left of his 2 blade sword then Dark Cat puts it on and then blade swords attachment his arms and become a strong and dangerous of all the freedom fighters along side with Bunnie.
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Welcome to my simple group for my friends/fans of my Sonic fan character Dark Cat

so i hope you like this group if you really to join this group just ask me okay then i in invite you ^^
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